Kobe Bryant Played Bow Wow One-On-One For A Thousand Dollars

Bow Wow, the rapper/actor/former Lil, visited Kobe Bryant’s basketball camp recently. Bow Wow and Kobe play one-on-one and Kobe predictably wins while committing what appears to be various offensive fouls. Hey, you get away with that when the camp has your name on the flyers I suppose.

After that butt-kicking, Bow Wow challenges Kobe to another game, but this time with only jumpers. He even bets $1000 on it. The results are the same. I can’t decide if height difference or the fact that Kobe Bryant is one of the best basketball players to ever live was the deciding factor.

Having even more money than the guy who just bet an NBA MVP he could beat him in one-on-one, Kobe gives the money away to his young campers.

[LA Times via @OffTheBackboard]

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