Buster Posey's Disgusting Ankle

Showtime’s new series “The Franchise: A Season With the San Francisco Giants” debuts tonight at 10 pm. It’s an eight-episode offering that I pray will follow Pat Burrell out on the town in at least one of the installments. SI’s Jimmy Traina took in a screening of the first episode and enjoyed it, noting the overall tone was more serious than that of HBO’s Hard Knocks, which was to be expected as Bruce Bochy is not exactly Rex Ryan. Tonight’s premiere will cover catcher Buster Posey’s injury rehab following surgery on torn ligaments in his ankle.

As you can plainly determine from the clip, his ankle is in nasty shape. Being sidelined for a significant amount of time has no doubt deflated the guy, but the accompanying music certainly assisted in driving that depressing point home to such a degree that a viewer with no knowledge of Posey’s mishap might mistakenly assume the injury ended his career. Cheer up, buddy.

For the sake of being inconsiderate, here are two closeup shots of Posey’s grotesque ankle:

Because you want to see it first!

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