Major League Lacrosse Trick Shot Competition Videos

Major League Lacrosse had their All-Star game last weekend. MLL’s All-Star weekend has all the same pomp and pageantry that the NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB combined. It’s an incredible event that takes place annually (?) at an undetermined location. Basically, anywhere that they can’t find an empty football practice field.

I’m sorry lacrosse fans. It’s just too fun to make fun of your sport. I used to say that lacrosse players were guys who couldn’t play real sports so the gym teacher would send them out into an open field with butterfly nets and a tennis ball. Used to say it. Sure.

Anyway, they have a trick-shot competition that takes place during half-time of the All-Star game. Here are two of the highlights from Paul Rabil (pictured) and Ned Crotty. As you can see from the picture, Rabil also jumped over a car during one of his shots, a la, Blake Griffin. MLL is just as crafty with their in-competition advertising as the NBA. You can see the trick/ad here. I would post it, but I’m trying to get a free Escalade and don’t want to ruin FSV’s bargaining position.

Paul Rabil with some variation of the

Ned Crotty skipped rope and then waited for the goalie to skip rope before he shot the ball.

[Image, incredibly, via Getty]

Because you want to see it first!

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