Who Might Replace Ross Greenburg as the Head of HBO Sports?

It was reported Friday that Ross Greenburg, the longtime head of HBO Sports, was getting shoved out slash retiring. It was confirmed yesterday (with Greenburg basically calling media members to say he retired; he took shots at the boxing press, too). Everyone’s saying Greenburg got the boot because Showtime had eclipsed HBO as a boxing destination (see Manny Pacquiao). So who might HBO get to replace Greenburg? Probably somebody who’s tight with Bob Arum, he CEO of Top Rank. Here are five guesses:

Dick Ebersol: Former Chairman of NBC Universal Sports & Olympics. Biggest name on this list with a history of putting on big-time events (Olympics, Super Bowl). Resigned from NBC in May, but would he be interested?

Howard Katz: President of ABC Sports from 1999-2003. Considered more of a golf/NFL guy (he’s credited with signing John Madden for Monday Night Football).

Seth Abraham: Would they bring back the former head of HBO Sports for a second tour of duty? Well, he knows boxing.

Rick Bernstein: If they’re looking to promote from within, he might be the guy. Richard Sandomir of the Times floated his name yesterday.

Mark Shapiro: Former ESPN exec left in 2005 and is now consulting for the NFL Network.

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