Texas A&M is (Finally) Raising a Bit of a Stink About the Longhorn Network

The Longhorn Network, which will be a financial boon to the University of Texas, has apparently pissed off rival Texas A&M. My question: What took the Aggies so long to raise a stink about this?

UT’s network, funded by ESPN, might put the league’s other nine schools at disadvantages on multiple fronts, and A&M is leading the way in checking every possibility – and also leaving its long-term options open should the league appear to have one dominating member thanks primarily to the unprecedented network.

Might? Wonder how many recruits in the state (and surrounding states) will be watching hours and hours of TEXAS IS AWESOME programming on the Longhorn Network?

Only now Texas A&M is bitching about how a 20-year, $300 million union between Texas and ESPN could be a bad thing? It’s too late, Aggies. Better fire up those future contingency plans and crowbar your way into the SEC.

I’m not sure what’s the more intriguing angle – Texas going independent in a couple years, or what the heck happens to the other teams left in the Big 12. Oklahoma will be fine, but what will become of programs like Kansas State and Iowa State? Which conference is going to want them?

Longhorn Network has Aggies’ attention [Chronicle]

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