Alex Morgan, Hope Solo and Abby Wambach Begin Media Tour

Coming off a thrilling World Cup run, the US Women’s National Team has returned to America as beloved chokers athletes. Abby Wambach scored the biggest American goals in the tournament and she went right back to work after quick stops on Good Morning America and Letterman.

Meanwhile, Hope Solo and Alex Morgan look like they’ll be slower returning to the field. The soon-to-be 30 year old, Solo and 22 year old, Morgan look like they’ll continue to be the faces of US Women’s soccer. Solo was on GMA and Letterman with Wambach before joining Alex Morgan on a couple ESPN shows and eventually, the red carpet of the Entourage premiere.

In addition to the media, Morgan has also started fielding offers from other athletes. The first being Tampa Bay’s Evan Longoria who started his own Twitter campaign to woo Morgan. The question is, with the World Cup over, how long will we continue to talk about these girls? Will the novelty wear off as they turn back into “just soccer players.”

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