Nebraska Deals With Consequences of Insidious Book Scheme

Nebraska self-reported NCAA violations early this month for imparting knowledge to their student-athletes. The school, contrary to NCAA guidelines, had provided scholarship athletes with the recommended books on their syllabi in addition to the required ones. Nebraska is now dealing with the repellent consequences.

The school faces a veritable pandemic of fancy book learnin’. The Cornhuskers lead the nation in CoSIDA Academic All Americans and Nebraska’s football team, for the first time since the school began keeping records, had a cumulative GPA above 3.0.

Thankfully, this improper benefit was thwarted before Nebraska student-athletes began pursuing graduate degrees and becoming productive, informed members of society. This could, potentially, have escalated into students capitalizing on the lucrative used-novels market.

The NCAA: Serving student-athletes’ best interests since 1906.

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