Nnamdi Asomugha May Actually Be Considering Taking Less Money to Play For the Jets

As a pessimistic Jets fan since about 1985, when I started following football, I’ve tried to tune out most of the chatter about the prospect of the second best cornerback in football, free agent Nnamdi Asomugha, joining Gang Green.

Asomugha, who could command mega bucks if he were to join a team desperate for his services – like the Houston Texas or the Detroit Lions – but in recent days there have been hints that the former Cal star might consider taking less money to play for the Jets, where he would team up with football’s best defensive back, Darrelle Revis. I hate to drop hyperbole on a potential scenario, but would this be the best cornerback tandem in NFL history?

I’m not ready to start contemplating nicknames for the Revis-Asomugha union – hell, I need to commit the spelling of Nnamdi Asomugha to memory – but this tidbit of news opinion from a football writer tonight has me more optimistic than ever:

Kowalski is a Lions reporter, but he’s presumably done digging on Asomugha because Detroit has so often been connected to this year’s premier free agent. That digging apparently led Kowalski to believe Asomugha wants to play in New York. There have been several other indications this is the case, so it isn’t a crazy notion. If Asomugha is willing to take a discount to play in the destination he covets, the marriage could very well happen.

Yes, Peter King mentioned Nnamdi-to-the-Jets as a possibility earlier this week. And ESPN’s Chris Mortensen said it could happen, too. What does all of this mean? I guess that football writers think it’s possible Asomugha could go to the Jets. That’s enough for me to bang out a post about it.

Is this just Asomugha’s agent doing a tremendous job getting the info out in hopes that his client gets a record-setting deal from … splurge-happy Jerry Jones? Sure. That’s entirely possible. Let’s throw so much money at him he can’t say no!

But coming off two straight trips to the AFC title game, and adding an elite cover guy like Asomugha … ok, ok, I’m calming down now.


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