Soccer Player Paul Gallagher Joins Twitter, Tells World He's Off To "Smash" His Wife

Paul Gallagher is a Scottish football (soccer) player for Leicester City F.C. His wife is Hayley Gallagher, the mother of his child and an active Twitterer. Hayley broke the cardinal rule of Twitter – don’t bug people to set up Twitter accounts. When Paul finally set up his own Twitter, he quickly learned that he could use the social networking site to boast about their sex life.

Off to bed to smash @HayleyGa11agher back doors in ,,

Hayley played it off, telling followers not to pay any attention to her husband. After perusing her Twitter pictures (Hey, it’s my job) I don’t think she was offended by Paul’s claim. In addition to standard shots of friends and family, she’s also pretended to cut off a finger to scare a friend and posted a picture of her husband’s dump that he was especially proud of. (You were warned.)

[@Gally_7, Metro via @AndyGlockner]

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