Washington Redskins Agree To Trade Donovan McNabb To Vikings, and Now He Must Agree To Less Money

After some talk throughout the day of a potential deal, it looks like it is on. McNabb’s age and salary drove down the price, and according to Jay Glazer, it looks like the deal is for a 6th round pick in 2012 and possibly another 6th rounder in 2013. The deal is contingent on McNabb, who is due a┬álarge bonus, agreeing to renegotiate the┬ádeal and take less money.

McNabb still thinks of himself as an elite quarterback, so will he be willing to take less money to play in Minnesota, with a team that just spent a 12th overall pick on a quarterback? If he takes an honest assessment of his situation, he should. The market for McNabb is weak. The Redskins are going to release him if not traded, and no one is giving him the job for a 3-4 year stretch. He won’t get more on the open market after being released than the Vikings are willing to give. If he really thinks he can rebound, he should negotiate a short term deal that includes some incentives.

With the likely McNabb move to Minnesota, plus Tarvaris Jackson to Seattle, the trade market is tightening up. Orton is still out there, and Kolb better be hoping that the Cardinals opt for him, or he will be a reserve again in 2011.

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