Here's Neymar, the Next Great Brazilian Soccer Superstar, Scoring an All-Time Great Goal

It’s going to be difficult to fully appreciate this phenomenal goal by Neymar (he’s only 19!) until we see two parts of the goal in slow-motion: The incredible trickery he did on the sideline to dust two defenders, and then the unbelievable move he put on two defenders in the box. It almost looks like – and I watched this seven times and still am not sure how what exactly transpired – Neymar is dribbling at full speed into the box, then in a millisecond stops the ball with is right foot and rolls it back to his left foot (all in one rapid motion) and then passes it back his right foot – in stride!! – and goes on to poke it home with his right foot. This is a thing of beauty. The announcing is terrific, too.

It kind of feels like a magic trick where you know what happened, and how it happened, but you’re not quite sure how the magician pulled it off. [via @JorgeArangure]

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