"Monster Brawl" Could Change The Way We Look At Modern Cinema

Monster Brawl a Canadian comedy/horror/pro wrestling film. The trailer doesn’t look nearly as cheesy as I had imagined which makes me cautiously optimistic. In Monster Brawl, the 8 baddest monsters from across the world come together for a Monster Grand Prix of sorts. I’m not sure what the prize is, but I assume winner gets a shot at C-Tates.

It’s reassuring that the Monster Athletic Commission has a reputable mixed martial arts referee working the event. If Dana White wants to call Herb Dean the best in the business, then I’m sure¬†Cyclops or Lady Vampire won’t be able to say when Herb tells him or her to stop stalling and get it on.

[h/t: Fightlinker]

Because you want to see it first!

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