The Roundup: A Man Woke Up in a Body Bag in a Morgue, Big 12 Coaches Give Longhorn Network the Stiff Arm & NHL Players as Kids

Minka Kelly … Gossip Girl actress getting sued by her momAmerica’s best cities for singlesThe Big Lebowski’s bungalow is up for sale … butt stabber on the loose in Fairfax County, Virginia … he’s going from covering Virginia Tech to covering Kentucky … this recently-killed Mountain Lion traveled from South Dakota to Connecticut … cool: NHL players as kids … U.S.-born teen guilty of beheading Mexican drug rivals … because we haven’t had a Murdoch-related read in a couple days … this alleged lady of the night is a wannabe WAG … look at that sinkhole under her bed! … he woke up in a morgue in a body bag

What does your favorite 80s band say about you? [McSweeney’s]

Don’t you love how Big 12 coaches are giving the stiff arm to the Longhorn Network? [Post-Dispatch]

You might cry after reading some of these texts from daughter to mother during the Norway saga. [Irish Times]

Kimbo Slice’s high school son is a college football prospect. [Sun-Sentinel]

Is it that easy to frame someone? Poor woman is one of my people. [NYT]

Details continue to trickle out in the David Salinas-AAU-scam story. He bilked money from two NBA players. [SI]

Butler basketball has been very, very good to the University. Like a-billion-in-free-PR good. [Rush the Court]

Sounds like Josh Smith’s plan to lose weight has backfired. Ben Howland must be thrilled. [CBS Sports]

This graphic on the racial wealth gap is staggering, almost to the point that it’s difficult to believe. [CNN]

Mike Vick sold his PS3 to a college student, then ended up getting the kid tickets to a home game. [Crossing Broad]

The anticipated of being Re-tweeted. This is terrific. [An Associate’s Mind]

Am I the only one who has never used Hulu in any capacity? [Times]

Agent busted allegedly trying to score a threesome. [Sports Agent Blog]

Olympian Speedy Peterson killed himself. He was 29. His suicide comes days after he was arrested for drunk driving.

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