Wayne Rooney No Longer Too Embarrassed To Be Photographed With David Beckham

David Beckham left Manchester United in the summer of 2003. Wayne Rooney joined Man U in the summer of 2004. What isn’t well-publicized is the fact that Beckham may have been forced out of Man U because they were afraid they wouldn’t be able to sign Rooney if he were still under contract. Since he was a small child, Rooney has refused to play alongside footballers with especially beautiful heads of hair.

Things have changed since Rooney got his hair transplant. Where there once was a follicle rift, now there is a mutual respect. Once ashamed to be photographed with Becks, Rooney now stands proudly next to his well-quaffed friend. Beckham suggested Rooney let his hair grow out.

[Images via Getty]

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