The Roundup: Shirtless Jockeys, MTV Turns 30 Today, Notre Dame Football is Back & Defending Bob Bradley

Ashley Greene … Iceland now has a penis museum … “All things equal, though, tax increases do not lift growth” … these Canadian cops are heartless to give this guy two speeding tickets … running back with the last name Gulley gets stabbed … “School Shut Down After Meth Found Inside” … the reason I never got worked up last week about the potential of a debt default … more cash: Apple or the US Government? … twitter as a police scanner? … a ‘dirty DUI’ update … a month old, but don’t let your employer work you into the ground … while reporting near the Arctic Circle, reporter learns she’s been laid offBritish men are doing their household choresIsiah Thomas tipped a DJ $100 in the Hamptons … 30 years ago today, MTV debuted

A calendar of shirtless jockeys? You’ll probably laugh. [Times Union]

Catching up with Mississippi’s Mr. Football from 2004, Jimmy Johns. [Clarion Ledger]

In Australia, you might not want to pick up money if you find it on a casino floor. [Herald Sun]

The Jay Cutler you don’t know. [Sun-Times]

Brian Kelly and Notre Dame football: The Irish are back. [Tribune]

Add Nicolas Batum’s name to the list of players going overseas to play during the lockout. He’s headed to France. [ESPN]

Joey Harrington was hit by a small SUV while riding his bike. He’s OK. [KATU]

Moderately interesting story about Pat Haden, the USC AD who has completed his first year on the job. [LA Times]

In defense of Bob Bradley. [Balt Sun]

NFL Films and the NFL Network have never really gotten along. [Philly Daily News]

Too much Favre, Yankees & Red Sox on ESPN? Of course. [Times Union]

I don’t think Dufresne actually think that of the four teams that could break up the SEC’s dominance on the BCS crown, three of them are from the west. [LAT]

Mark Richt’s Bulldogs are painfully thin at linebacker. [AJC]

According to the caption, this jackass got paid $100 to get knocked out by his friend. He should have asked for more.

While driving on the highway, this family noticed a snake on the hood of its car.

Because you want to see it first!

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