Dana White Went In A Mosh Pit At A Rage Against The Machine Show

Warning: This video will make you question every decision you ever made in your life.

It’s fight week, so Dana White is shooting his video blogs to show how the sausage is made and the fudge is packed behind the scenes at the UFC. When I first watched the video, I was expecting some talk about UFC 133, but what I got was a not-so-subtle reminder that my life is boring.

Watch as his children learn to surf, then skateboard with Tony Hawk and Shaun White. Then he grabs some LA Rising tickets on StubHub with the sole intention of seeing Rage Against the Machine. The fact that he bought the tickets at 10x face value and then didn’t show up until after Rise Against and MUSE had already played…  That’s just wrong, man.

The final few minutes of the video are of Dana running around in a mosh pit with a bunch of other insane RATM fans.

Because you want to see it first!

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