Here's Kevin Durant Making One Jaw-Dropping 3-Pointer After Another and Shutting Down Rucker Park

Start your day by marveling at the lethal 3-point shooting ability of Kevin Durant. The OKC star dropped 66 points in his Rucker Park debut in Harlem last night. I watched this video three times in a row with the sound jacked way up and it made me want to go play pick-up ball. Durant’s pulling up 5-6 feet behind the 3-point line and stroking it as if it were a mid-range jumper. Maybe it’s just the way he’s playing this summer, but Durant looks like he’s developed a mean streak on the court. Interesting that he’s getting angry just as LeBron is getting soft and passive. I think Durant might be the best player in the league next year (if there is a season).

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