Ronnie Brown Added To the Philadelphia Eagles, Dream Team Meme Has Jumped the Shark

Make it stop. Please. I already talked about how a statement taken out of context and tweeted out of Schefter has now spun out of control, furthered by new signing Jason Babin tweeting the following day that “I feel like we are the Miami Heat of the NFL . . .”

Now, of course, the penultimate move. I mean, what screams continuing to talk about a Dream Team more than signing a soon to be 30 year old running back who dropped to 3.7 yards per carry last year and has never finished in the top ten in rushing yards, yards from scrimmage, or carries in a season? It truly is another Dream Team addition, joining a defensive end who played for five teams and made his first pro bowl at age 30, or another 30 year old who has missed 20 games over 3 seasons.

I mean, someday we might actually look back at this roster and see that there was an actual Hall of Famer player on it. I emphasis the word “might” there. I really want to punch things right now.

I have nothing against Brown, but I would not have seen all this buzz if he had been signed by any other team because at this point, he’s a backup. Miami didn’t want him, and they needed running backs. He’s a great what if, and the knee injuries robbed what could have been something special a few years ago. He’s excellent in pass protection, he was a decent receiver, and he was versatile (who knows how much he will continue to decline in 2011). He might be an upgrade over Harrison overall, probably not as a runner at this point. He’ll spell LeSean McCoy. He’s the equivalent of crowing about some backup point guard, though. It’s frankly embarrassing.

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