Jersey Shore Returns Tonight. Real Jersey Girls Don't Pump No Gas

Jersey Shore returns tonight (same time as Wilfred and Louie! Somebody should invent an invention that allows people to watch both. Or maybe MTV or FX should figure out a way to show the same episodes multiple times in the same night… Oh well). As you may recall, Jersey Shore is one of the 30 things that I remembered from MTV’s first 30 years as a network.

With all that in mind, here is a new viral video called “Jersey Girls Don’t Pump Gas.” In it, some girls from the State of New Jersey learn to pump their own gas because in their stupid state gas station attendants pump gas. (I was reminded of this when I went to New Jersey last weekend to interview UFC Champion Jon Jones.) Strangely enough, a group called Which brings us to Johnny Honolulu and The Tremola Kings who wrote a song called “Jersey Girls Don’t Pump NO Gas!”

That’s what you call being ahead of the curve. And catchy.

/walks down street singing Jersey Girls Don’t Pump NO Gas!

Because you want to see it first!

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