No Hazing In Jacksonville, So Blaine Gabbert Still Has A Shot At That Wings Remake

Good news everyone. Nobody is allowed to shave Blaine Gabbert’s head. Jack Del Rio has banned hazing at Jaguars training camp this summer. Rookies will still beat treated like second-class citizens, but nobody is losing any hair or getting duct taped to anything.

Del Rio made it clear that hazing should be limited to the “Rookie Show,” an annual talent competition put on by newcomers. Del Rio also will allow dance competitions in the locker room and continue to have rookies carry veterans’ helmets and shoulder pads off the field following practices.

Yes, Blaine. Dance and twirl your hair, little girl. This should give Gabbert time to concentrate on completing passes over 15-yards. And on nailing the audition for the Wings remake. Now that is a timeless reference.

[ESPN, Gabbert via Getty]

Because you want to see it first!

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