Hope Solo Posed Nude Yesterday, Presumably for ESPN The Magazine

Based solely on Hope Solo’s tweets and accompanying hashtags yesterday, it sounds like the fiery goalkeeper, who moved millions of needles during the World Cup earlier this summer, will appear in the nude for the upcoming “Body Issue” of ESPN The Magazine*. Yes. Hope Solo. Naked.

She considered the experience of frolicking around in the buff to be a “liberating” one, followed by a comment of “ball up,” so I suggest for our male commenters to take that advice to heart.

Hope also tweeted the following photo upon the shoot’s completion in which she appears to be wearing nothing but a bathrobe.

That’s all for now on the women’s soccer front. Expect the next update to come in October when the “Body Issue” is released or whenever Hope Solo tweets about being nude again.

*Every time I’m forced to write “ESPN The Magazine” I feel like Yogurt in Spaceballs: “Spaceballs The T-Shirt! Spaceballs The Coloring Book! Spaceballs The Lunch Box!”

Because you want to see it first!

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