Watch Bryce Harper Fling His Helmet Down in Disgust, Get Ejected, and Berate an Umpire

Bryce Harper didn’t like this strike call in the seventh inning from umpire Max Guyll, so he tossed his helmet to the ground and proceeded to get in the face of Guyll. Harper was so heated that his manager, Tony Beasley, rushed over to get between the precocious 18-year-old and the ump. Harper was ejected and the Flying Squirrels defeated Harper’s Senators, 3-1. Harper didn’t talk to the media afterward. Here’s what Beasley told the Patriot News:

As for the helmet slam, Beasley wasn’t thrilled.

“I don’t condone that,” the manager said. “Players get emotional. Guys are competing and they’re trying to be successful. The guy’s grinding out his at-bat, and you have to somewhat understand a player’s frustration in that situation.

“It’s a 1-1 ballgame, and obviously I don’t want him to do that. That’s not going to keep him in many ballgames, but that was just his reaction tonight in what he thought was a successful at-bat ending in a walk but ended up as a strikeout. He just allowed his emotions to get the best of him. It happens sometimes.”

Harper’s putting together a nice little highlight reel for when he finally gets to the majors. I wonder how many times ESPN will show video today of Harper getting tossed?

If you’re wondering how Harper is doing in AA ball … he’s batting .248 through 31 games. Two homers, nine RBI.

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