The Roundup: Fantasy Football, Chris Mullin Heads to the Hall of Fame & Are You Addicted to the Internet?

Olivia Munn … warning, you might cry … sometimes Facebook seems so shady … Buddhists traveled to Massachusetts, bought Lobsters and re-released them into the ocean; lobstermen went and caught them again … if you’re a job seeker, this isn’t good newspopping zits on his back led to his arrest … any Warrant fans in the house? … if you need help with irony83-year-old great grandma gets breast implants … wonder if Malcolm Gladwell will respond to thisdrunk member of the US Ski team allegedly pees on an 11-year-old on a Jet Blue flight … they played in the Majors in the 80s, and got into a fight this week … the sister of the bank-robbing trio apparently posed naked last week …

The billion dollar fantasy football business. [Hollywood Reporter]

Because you obviously want to know how the trio of Denver QBs did against the Cowboys. [Post]

Terrific look back at the high school basketball class of 2002. [CBS Sports]

If you have a fantasy football draft this weekend, these depth charts are invaluable. [Rotoworld]

On the recruiting front, if you’re not using Facebook or Twitter, you might struggle to talk to recruits. [NYT]

Jacksonville rookie QB Blaine Gabbert didn’t look terrible Thursday against New England. The Patriots won, 47-12. [Times Union]

Chris Mullin is Hall of Fame-bound. [NYT]

I’m pretty sure I’m addicted to the internet, and slowly but surely, I’m getting addicted to Starbucks, too. [LA Times]

Steve Rushin makes some jokes about the length of baseball games. [SI]

The ouster of the longtime Boise State athletic director smells fishy. [Statesman]

Unfortunately, it looks like basketball career of Virginia Tech’s Allan Chaney is over. [Daily Press]

I’ll root for Colt McCoy in Cleveland. [Times]

Kanye took a tumble on stage in Norway. [via Hot Clicks]

Pawlenty vs. Bachmannn Thursday in Iowa was fun for a few minutes.

I don’t think this has been posted this summer, so enjoy.

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