MMA Fight Pit Held Their First Show Last Night With A Bunch Of Ex-UFC Fighters

If you couldn’t wait the two days between Strikeforce: Challengers on Showtime Friday and UFC Live on Versus 5 tonight and you had 30 dollars just burning a whole in your pocket, then you might have bout MMA Fight Pit: Genesis last night on Pay-Per-View. I’m guessing you didn’t though. I thought about it, but I’m a very busy person.

The card was littered with former UFC veterans who can no longer hack it in the big show. Jens Pulver won his 25th career fight over former WEC fighter, Coty “Ox” Wheeler. It was a heartwarming scene for MMA fans. Of course, if Pulver had lost it would have been a sad image of a former champion. Results.

In the main event of the evening, Houston Alexander, defeated Razak Al-Hassan via a doctor stoppage between the second and third round. It was really weird because right before the fight was stopped, the announcers were talking about how tough Al-Hassan was when he refused to tap as his arm was broken at UFC Fight for the Troops against Steve Cantwell. Moments later, a doctor called the fight because of a broken bone in Al-Hassan’s hand.

This was the highlight of the highlights for me. Junie Browning is everything you assume amateur mixed martial artist are. He’s a dummy and an obnoxious douche. Browning made a name for himself on season 8 of TUF as a heavy drinker who nobody liked. He won his first fight in the UFC, lost his second and was then let go. Browning has now lost 4 consecutive fights and came into this fight 7 and a quarter pounds too heavy (that’s a lot). The announcers joke about how Browning wanted to finish the fight quickly because he wasn’t in very good shape. Wish granted. Browning ended up giving up on life and tapping to strikes.

In other former TUF fighter news, Jamie Yager won via choke.

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