Apparently These Four Models Followed Sergio Garcia Around The PGA Championship

Sergio Garcia finished the PGA Championship tied for 12th at 1-under. CBSSports’ Steve Elling snapped this picture of four tall, lanky, fairly attractive women who he says are models that were following Sergio around during the tournament last week. Are they really models? Where they really following Sergio? No one knows for sure, except for what I can assume is a very tired and happy Sergio Garcia. El NiƱo is single, so he’s allowed to invite four women of varying skin-tone and hair color to join him for a week in Atlanta if he feels like it.

Of course, these could just be four golf fans who were hoping to see one of golf’s biggest names win his first major. If anyone has any information, please pass it along. This is a very important journalism thing.

[via @EllingYelling]

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