The 2011 Culture Tournament is (Finally) Here

The 2011 Culture Tournament is (Finally) Here


The 2011 Culture Tournament is (Finally) Here

We usually hold the Culture Tournament in March, right before the NCAA tournament. That’s when everyone does their “tournaments” – cereals, rock bands, 80s TV shows, women, movies, whatever – and bracket fever sweeps the country. But because my son was born in March, we decided to push the tournament to this summer. Megan Fox took the title in 2009 and Brooklyn Decker won it in 2010. This year, we’ve changed things up a bit – we’ve got four distinct brackets – sports, women, media, and a hodgepodge. The No. 1 seeds, respectively, are Tim Tebow, Kate Upton, Jim Tressel Cheating, and Bill Simmons. Going in that order, we’ll do two posts a day to complete the first round (no weekends), and we’ll crown a winner right before Labor Day weekend or on the eve of the NFL season. Now get to voting. And tell all your friends.


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