Roundup: Reggie Miller For President, an Attractive NASCAR Driver, Nevin Shapiro and Obama vs. Rondo

Lily Aldridge… Facebook terms of service in Bro Speak… even mascots get fan mail… a woman lost her husband to a shark attack on their honeymoonAbercrombie paying The Situation not to wear their clothesinterview with Joel McHaleThe Big Lebowski cast reunionTerrorist attacks in Israel

Gary Giordano took out an insurance policy worth  $1.5 million on Robyn Gardner before he (allegedly) killed her in Aruba. And add some “graphic” photos to the story. (ABC News, People)

Carson Palmer thinks the Bengals are effing with baby bro, Jordan. (PFT)

Simon Cowell says he would sign Pippa Middleton even though he doesn’t know if she can sing. I’m not even sure she can talk. (FOXNews)

Game changer: You can now get NFL Sunday Ticket through the PS3 network. (Variety)

The Nets can attend the Humpdashian nuptials. (The Basketball Jones)

After a long and storied career, Drake will finally be honored with a maple leaf on Canada’s Walk of Fame. Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving and talented artist. (AllHipHop)

Reggie Miller could replace Larry Bird as the Pacers’ president. (Yahoo!)

This is a fight system that we should all employ. It looks unstoppable. (MiddleEasy)

Obama broke Rajon Rondo’s poor-shooting little heart. (SLAM)

Today’s FOX press conference will include UFC execs and fighters. Looks like Sons of Tuscon is finally coming back! (MMAJunkie)

Actually attractive woman to debut in NASCAR this weekend. She was a Price Is Right model. (From The Marbles)

Winning $289K in a fishing tournament? Awesome. Losing out on another $600K because you didn’t pay an extra $5K? Not awesome. (SportFisherman.com)

Nevin Shapiro: Miami’s Caligula. (Miami New Times)

Luther Campbell has an opinion on Nevin Shapiro. Related: Luther Campbell has a blog for the Miami New Times. (Luke’s Gospel)

The 25 greatest unscripted scenes in film.

And here is Nicole Scherzinger’s new music video. Subtle.

These people are crazy.

Is Piers Morgan being an asshole? Or is Christine O’Donnell simply avoiding a question that she’s answered in her book?

Because you want to see it first!

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