Tiger Woods is Selected as the Worst Celebrity Tipper, But How Did Michael Jordan Not Make the List?

The Miami New Times has complied a list of the “Cheapest Celebrity Tippers” and Tiger Woods came in at No. 1. LeBron James is on the list, but Tiger’s one of the richest athletes in the world, so he’s garnered all the attention.

It seems like the list is basically a combination of all the other “Cheapest Celebrity Tippers” lists floating around the web, but the strange part is that the notoriously frugal Michael Jordan didn’t make it.

Jordan never tipped anyone in DC when he was with the Wizards, TMZ has called him out, and Wayne Gretzky embarrassed Air Jordan in Vegas once for being a cheapskate.

If anything, Tiger learned how to be frugal from Jordan. It’s probably a Phil Knight NIKE thing. [Miami New Times]


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