Delgado Sisters Use Wrestling Moves to Subdue Hit-and-Run Driver

Brittany and Brienna Delgado are sisters from South Carolina who played football and wrestled in high school. Both will be wrestling this season at Oklahoma City (Brittany is a senior, Brienna an incoming freshman).

This weekend, the sisters witnessed a car accident and quickly went to one car to help an injured grandma. Then, they saw the driver from the other car fleeing on foot. According to the Oklahoman:

Brienna Delgado said she started yelling and then took off running after him. Her sister followed.

“When I was chasing him I was still yelling, ‘You need to come back,’” she said. “I wasn’t wearing the proper footwear. I got a little road rash when I tackled him.”

She said the man landed with his hands beneath him and she used wrestling moves to bring his hands behind his back. During the scuffle, she said she realized the man might have a gun or knife, so she quickly tried to secure his hands.

Brittany Delgado helped her sister stand the man up and bring him back to the cars.

By “proper footwear,” does this mean Brienna was wearing flip flops? [Oklahoman via Brian Sargent]

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