Listen to Dick Vitale Get Frothy Talking About Miami & Prostitutes, Then Hang Up on Dan LeBatard

Dick Vitale, an ardent defender of his buddies like Coach K and John Calipari, got a little heated recently talking on the radio with ESPN’s Dan LeBatard and his partner in crime, Stugotz. When Calipari’s name came up, Vitale blurted out, “He’s never been charged! People aren’t being fair!” Those two Final Fours that have been stripped? Obviously, he had no idea Marcus Camby took gifts and Derrick Rose had someone take the SAT for him. I bet Calipari was blindsided by the news.

Vitale then attempted to change the subject. That proved futile. “Cheating” came up again and Vitale mentioned “prostitutes” and said, “I’m not going to waste my time, Dan, forget it.”

What would Jay Bilas do? Oh, right, he’s beefed with LeBatard, too.

Hopefully, you survived the Northeast earthquake of 2011. Dust your shoulders off, get your Culture Tournament vote on, urge your friends to stop talking about a 4th string QB, and pray for Pat Summitt.

[Vitale/LeBatard video via Hot Clicks]

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