Here's Video of Steve Blake and John Gilchrist Fighting at a Maryland Practice in 2002

In 2002, Steve Blake was a senior at Maryland and point guard of the Terrapins basketball team. John Gilchrist was cocky freshman (who later ended up leaving the program early for the NBA, was never drafted and toiled in European Leagues and the NBDL).

At the :50 mark in the video, Blake is boxing out Gilchrist when it appears the freshman clips Blake with a left hand. Gilchrist, who would turn out to be a major punk in College park, could have done it on purpose, but it didn’t look intentional to me. Blake, a noted hothead (I’ve got some friends who know him well), instantly puts up his fists and throws a punch. But Gilchrist is too quick, dodges the blow, and then lands a quick right that staggers Blake.

Teammates step in to break it up, but Blake is irate. I would be too if a freshman caught me in the face with a right hand. [via Goodman Harrison]

Because you want to see it first!

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