Usain Bolt Disqualified From World Championships

Usain Bolt was disqualified after a false start in today’s IAAF World Championships. Since it was the World’s Fastest Man that was disqualified, expect plenty of columns about how the World Championships need to change their rules to allow for a false start or two so that fans of sprinting aren’t robbed of the opportunity to watch Usain Bolt run.

After the DQ, Bolt then went and had his own Tebow/Kobe/Favre-ian moment that the press so loves.

To his credit, Bolt climbed right back on the horse that bucked him. From the stadium where Jamaican teammate Yohan Blake won the title that Bolt vacated, he walked to a nearby warmup track and, cutting a solitary figure in the dark, practiced sprinting alone from a standing start.

He’s just a kid out there! All Usain Bolt wants to do is run around! How could the IAAF keep him from running!?

[h/t: @1000steps]

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