Roundup: Matt Stafford Hype Escalates, the US Open Begins Today & Tyreke Evans Breaks Some Ankles

Maria Menounos … the Hurricane Irene death toll stands at 22 … Beyonce is pregnantLenny Dykstra is a sad individual in need of serious help … not what I expected the daughter of George Lucas to be doingLouis CK is the funniest comedian alive? Really? … really terrific read on tennis rivalries … this girl just vanished … this reporter is soaked in sea foam, but at first glance it looks like poop … Mexican mass murderer admits to killing 600 people with knives and chainsaws … check out this Alabama dork’s man caveColin Powell vs. Dick Cheney … without question the craziest link you’ll click today …

“Why is it unthinkable to consider an N.F.L. player not going to college first? Why is there no minor league for college-age players who want to train for the N.F.L. but have no desire to pursue an academic career? Why not treat high school football players like high school baseball players?” [NYT]

The Big 12 is dreaming if it thinks Notre Dame is going to join their fledgling conference. [Rivals]

Nice read about how Texas A&M going to the SEC makes Texas a big loser. [Chronicle]

I like Matt Stafford as much as the next guy, but we’re basing this off what, dominating the preseason? [Freep]

Can of worms, opened: “Elmhurst College asks prospective students about sexual orientation.” [Sun-Times]

“The escalating TV dollars are reshaping the amateur realm of college sports.” The numbers are staggering. Give the players a cut. Somehow. [WSJ]

Brandon Davies is back! [BYU Cougars.com]

No Onion Bag today because Mr. Duffy is moving, but people are talking about Arsenal, right? [Guardian]

Kevin Durant will be starring in a movie. [Oklahoman]

What was Luke Walton’s first practice with the Memphis Tigers like? [Commercial Appeal]

The secret to Novak Djokovic’s success: Sitting in a pressurized egg. [WSJ]

Deron Williams said he tried to reach out to Jimmer Fredette, but the rookie ‘big-timed’ him. [Tribune]

To our readers in the South – how big of a deal is this Finebaum fellow? [AL.com]

Nifty little touchdown run by Cam Newton Thursday against the Bengals.

Had no idea Tyreke Evans had such a slick handle. Impressive.

Jay Bilas, circa 1981. Looks like the guy who played Superman in the WB show movie (Brandon Routh). [via CBS Sports]

Because you want to see it first!

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