Texas A&M Has Left the Big 12. So Who Will the SEC Invite as the 14th Team, Missouri or Virginia Tech?

Texas A&M officially withdrew from the Big 12 this morning – the departure will be by June 30, 2012 – which means that the opening weekend of college football will be interrupted by incessant realignment chatter. Among the many, many questions you’ll be hearing from today through the weekend …

Who will the SEC take as the 14th team?
Will the SEC go after Virginia Tech?
Will the SEC go after Missouri?
Will the SEC stay at 13 teams?
If the SEC goes to 14, what will the Pac-12 do? Will the Pac-12 expand to 14?
If the SEC goes to 14, what will the Big 10 do? Will the Big 10 expand to 14?
Who will the Big 12 scramble to invite in hopes of keeping the league together?
If the Big 12 can’t lure any good teams, will Texas go independent?
If Texas goes independent, what becomes of Oklahoma, Oklahoma St. and Missouri?

And perhaps most important … how will ESPN cover it all?

Take a deep breath: only three days until the debut of College GameDay, and only about 80 hours until the season kicks off with LSU vs. Oregon and Boise St. vs. Georgia.

If conference realignment isn’t your bag, you can always dive head first into our 2011 college football previews: SEC, Big 12, Pac 10, ACC, Big East & Big Ten. All-American senior, junior and freshman teams. And the All-Time All-SEC team.

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