Upon Closer Inspection, Mike Vick's $100 Million Deal is Nowhere Near That

Mike Vick’s $100 million contract with the Eagles is receiving enormous scrutiny, and the good news is that unlike a lot of previous $100 million contracts, all the salient details are quickly being released, perhaps to assuage the portion of the public that isn’t happy a convicted felon is getting nine figures to throw a football.

Not surprisingly, Vick’s not going to be getting anywhere close to nine figures (especially when you toss in his payments to creditors).

Here’s how Mike Florio broke down Vick’s next six seasons:

2011: $20 million ($10 million base salary, $7 mil signing bonus, $3 mil roster bonus)
2012: $12.5 million base salary
2013: $16.5 million base salary ($3 million guaranteed)
2014:  $12.5 million base salary ($3 million roster bonus)
2015: $14.5 million base salary ($2 million roster bonus)

But here’s the kicker:

After year two, when all of the fully guaranteed money has been paid, it will be easy for the Eagles to walk away.  In 2013, they’d take a pre-June 1 cap hit of $4.2 million.  In 2014, the pre-June 1 cap hit would be $2.8 million.  After June 1, they’d split a $1.4 million cap charge over 2014 and 2015.

So when Vick’s 33 and the obviously not the running QB he once was, the Eagles can pull the plug without too many repercussions. Vick’s emergence has bought Andy Reid a couple more seasons, and after last year’s playoff disappointment – yes, they lost to the eventual Super Bowl champs, but the game was at home and Philly was an underthrown Vick pass away from victory – it seems about right the pair will have at least two more years to deliver the Eagles a Super Bowl title.

Because you want to see it first!

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