Bruce Feldman Leaves ESPN for CBS Sports, Then Goes on the Dan Patrick Show and Unloads on ESPN

Bruce Feldman, ESPN.com’s longest-tenured college football writer, has left and accepted an offer to write for CBS Sports.com. (We speculated his move to CBS in early August.) Feldman, who spent 17 years at ESPN, was suspended by the network this summer for his participation in a book with former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach. Incredibly, Feldman received permission to write the book with Leach, but after Leach was fired following his part in a dust-up with Red Raiders’ receiver Adam James – the son of ESPN’s Craig James – Feldman and ESPN only had minor talks about his role in the book, and ESPN didn’t take any major action. This was surprising, considering Leach was suing ESPN. Only after the book came out – in which Leach hammered ESPN – did the suits in Bristol freak out. Feldman had been silent since mid-July.

This morning, Feldman went on Dan Patrick’s radio show and unloaded on ESPN. You can listen to the podcast here.

Among the highlights:

Feldman said when the story hit, he was told he couldn’t Tweet, blog, go to the SEC media day and other restrictions. He said that he was on a “do-not-book list.”

Feldman said his contract was up and an executive at ESPN questioned his “credibility.” They at first offered him three years and a raise. Then they changed it to one year and no raise.

“If you’re a problem for them, you can’t exist in that world,” Feldman said. He said when your employers aren’t truthful … “it’s a problem.”

ESPN released a brief statement about Feldman’s departure: “We appreciate Bruce’s 16 years of contributions to ESPN and to college football fans. We wish him good luck in his decision to leave and pursue other interests.”

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