Nevin Shapiro Fallout: Parents Are Wondering Why Their Kids Are Suspended While the Coaches Go Unpunished

Last week we wrote about Clint Hurtt, the “recruiting coordinator” who left Miami for Louisville and wrangled a fantastic recruiting class for the Cardinals. Hurtt was blown up recently in Yahoo’s investigative story about Nevin Shapiro and the Hurricanes, and it seemed like the NCAA might come after Hurtt sooner rather than later.

Earlier this week, eight Miami Hurricanes were suspended were for their dealings with shady booster Nevin Shapiro. Now the parents of some of the suspended players are speaking out and wondering, “hey, what about the coaches who were breaking the rules? Are they getting punished?”

Enter Clint Hurtt. From the Miami Herald:

“I just want to know why the high school seniors were dealt the harshest punishment,” said Armstrong, referring to his son (four games, $788 repayment), reserve tight end Dyron Dye (four games, $738 repayment) and defensive end Olivier Vernon (six games, $1,200 repayment) who allegedly broke NCAA rules by accepting gifts while they were being recruited to UM.

“I mean as far as what I’m hearing now, what Shapiro supposedly gave them was less than $100. That means they received less than what they needed [to get suspended]. What I heard Ray-Ray got punished for was for staying with [former recruiting coordinator] Clint Hurtt. How is that supposed to be a violation when these coaches exposed these kids to this stuff? I just don’t like that all these kids have to suffer and we haven’t heard anything about the coaches yet. My kid got a four-game suspension for what? He didn’t do anything wrong if he was with the coach who was recruiting him.”

What does this mean for the NCAA’s attempt to coerce information from players about the middle-men/boosters in exchange for immunity? That remains to be seen. For now. [Miami Herald]

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