Roundup: Joe Buck's Voice, High School Football Celebration, Navy SEAL Dog, & Dwight Howard Dunks On A Giraffe

Erin Heathertonman arrested for having sex with inflatable raft … Rodman and a crazy guy 5 people you meet Freshman year … Hipsters are wannabe Mexicans man decapitates himself during a domestic dispute … Al Bundy has made the Hollywood Walk of Fame … traveling businessmen prefer Paris for their flings…  man cuts off own toes to save his life balloon entertainer traveled to Florida to have sex with 14 year old boy … NIT Culture Bracket second round… why do feet in shoes keep washing ashore in British ColumbiaJack White and ICP10 weird how-to videos

Alec Baldwin and his 27 year old, yoga instructor girlfriend attended the US Open. [omg]

Yao Ming asked for his Hall of Fame nomination to be put on hold. [My Fox Houston]

On the set of Treme with David Simon. [Telegraph]

On the healing time of Joe Buck’s voice. [NYT]

Kurt Angle claims he asked to fight in the UFC. Dana White says that never happened. [MMA Weekly]

Photographer looks back at the 9/11 “falling man” picture. [Yahoo!]

High school football team loses game after excessive celebration penalty. The kids were paying tribute to a dead friend. [Prep Rally]

The dog of the fallen Navy SEAL might lead Iowa onto the field in their opener. [CFT]

Why did Green Lantern fail? I thought “it sucked” was enough of a reason. [io9]

An interview with Patton Oswalt. [AV Club]

Rocco Mediate isn’t happy that Tiger isn’t playing well. [Geoff Shackelford]

I have a very important announcement to make – this is a duckling eating pizza. (Via Stuff I Stole On The Internet)

Dwight Howard dunked on a giraffe.

Don Cheadle is Captain Planet.

Oldie but a goodie – drunk baby trashes a bar.

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