Video: Sarasota Youth Football Coaches Attack Referee

Here’s a fun video out of Sarasota, Florida. Youth football coaches get into it with a referee who they think is being unfair to their team. After a couple disputed calls, they started throwing water bottles, which is what any mature adult would do in the situation. Then, they decide to attack the ref. While the referee is trying to get away, #6 – I’m going to guess he doesn’t go far in life – tackles the ref so his coaches can start kicking him.

Herald-Tribune via Busted Coverage:

Felony charges could follow an investigation into what happened Saturday — and who did what — during the game between the age 13-14 junior teams of the Sarasota Gators and North Port Huskies played at Riverview High School.

Thank goodness there’s video. Hopefully every single “coach” is identified and charged while #6 finds a more constructive thing to do with his free time.

[h/t: Busted Coverage]

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