Kobe Will Probably Try and Drop 60 on Brandon Jennings the Next Time They Meet

Hey, it’s an NBA Post that isn’t all about summer league highlights!

But it does involve summer league basketball. Kobe Bryant has played in LA’s famed Drew League this summer (even hitting a game-winning shot IN DE FACE of James Harden). There’s talk Kobe could play in the Drew League-Goodman League rematch (the last one was in DC a few weeks ago) September 10th. However, Kobe is from Philadelphia. Brandon Jennings, who is from Compton, doesn’t like the idea of Kobe playing in the rematch because he’s not from LA.

“He wasn’t born and raised in L.A,” Jennings told ESPN the Magazine’s Chris Palmer regarding Bryant, who attended Lower Merion near Philadelphia. “You gotta be from L.A. for Drew. Show me a birth certificate.”

What is Young Money’s beef with Kobe? He famous tweeted out a photo last month wearing this t-shirt – an obvious shot at Kobe, whose nickname is Black Mamba. Was Jennings asked about Kobe too often while playing in Italy after high school? Is Jennings still peeved about the time Kobe beat the Bucks at the buzzer two years ago? [LA Times]

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