Since You Love Talking About High School Stars Who Underwhelm in College Football: Dan Kendra

We’ve covered that bust/disappointment Terrelle Pryor (31-4!). And bust/disappointment Ron Powlus (20 school records!). A reader says we really must include Dan Kendra on the list. I remember Kendra was a much-hyped recruit who ended up at Florida State, but until I poked around, I didn’t think he was in the same class as Pryor/Powlus. But here’s what Tom Verducci wrote about Kendra in SI in 1994:

From an 18-year-old who has a black belt in taekwondo you were expecting maybe a long-haired Persian? No, an alligator’s ideal for someone who once owned a piranha and who rappels, snowboards, bench-presses 365 pounds, squats 500 pounds, runs the 40 in 4.5 seconds, carries single-digit body fat on his 6’2″, 225-pound frame and lists as his childhood heroes Bruce Lee, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lawrence Taylor.

Kendra picked Penn State, then changed his mind and went with the Seminoles. Once in Tallahassee … he sat. He couldn’t beat out Danny Kanell, and then Chris Weinke showed up, and then he got injured and then Kendra went from QB to … fullback. At least Pryor and Powlus put up big numbers in college. Kendra did next-to-nothing. Except nearly blow himself up in the kitchen.

Because you want to see it first!

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