Jim Tressel Takes His Sweater Vest To Indianapolis As A "Replay Specialist"

Former Ohio State deity/fashion plate/coach Jim Tressel had an unceremonious parting from the school that made him famous. After Tressel failed to tattle on himself to the NCAA about the violations he and his program were guilty of, Tressel was forced to resign. Now, he has a new job as a “replay consultant” for the Indianapolis Colts. From the Indy Star:

“I’ve been looking for, for a couple years now, a guy to work on a game-day sort of a status for us, an individual who had time on his hands but also an individual who had some experience as well that we could utilize for replay and different things of that nature, just on game day,” Caldwell said. “We’ve found that person.”

Tressel will work on gamedays only, watching the football games, I guess. It sounds like his job where all he has to do is watch NFL football games and tell the Colts if they should challenge a play. Why Indy needs a disgraced college coach to do that, I’m not sure.

Earlier this week, Ohio State added a display honoring Tressel for his milestones at tOSU. I’m guessing by the end of the decade, it’s reduced to a picture of Tressel with a caption reading, “He was here. Seriously. The NCAA doesn’t know what they’re talking about!” The question is – does Tressel have to serve a suspension like his former star quarterback, Terrel Pryor?

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