Steven Stamkos Plays In A Baseball Beer League

Steven Stamkos is a 21 year old all-star for the Tampa Bay Lightning who just signed a 5-year deal woth $37.5 million earlier this summer. Being such a valuable commodity (Stamkos was on the cover of NHL 11 last year) you would think the Lightning would restrict what Stamkos does in the offseason. I guess when you take a puck to the face in the last game of the season, your team figures nothing too bad can happen to you.

So here is the story of Stamkos playing in a fast pitch baseball league in his hometown of Markham, Ontario. Stamkos plays left field and hits .608 for the Green Beys. Last year he bought everyone matching cleats and when the team wins, he picks up the tab at the bar. Every team should be so lucky.

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[Image/story: Toronto Star]

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