All Our NFL Predictions In One Post

These are the official staff predictions of the Big Lead Sports staff. This way, it will be easier for everyone to point out how little we know as the season progresses. Feel free to add your own in the comments.

Jason McIntyre, Editor, Creator, Father
MVP: Adrian Peterson. He’ll rush for over 2,000 yards.
The Andrew Luck Trophy: Miami Dolphins. Sticking with my pick from months ago.

AFC East: Patriots (12-4)
AFC North: Steelers (12-4)
AFC South: Texans (9-7)
AFC West: Chargers (11-5)
AFC Wild Cards: Jets (10-6), Ravens 9-7)
AFC Championship: Chargers over the Steelers

NFC East: Eagles (11-5)
NFC North: Packers (11-5)
NFC South: Saints (12-4)
NFC West: 49ers (7-9)
NFC Wild Cards: Cowboys (10-6), Falcons 10-6)
NFC Championship: Saints over the Eagles

Super Bowl: Saints over Chargers


Jason Lisk, Fantasy Lingerie Football Guru
MVP: Aaron Rodgers, unless he still can’t win close games.
The Andrew Luck Trophy: Really tempted to go Cincinnati here because I don’t think Andy Dalton is ready to be starting. Their defense should be competent enough to get them a few wins. I’ll go Seattle. Jackson and Whitehurst is a trainwreck, and Luck inherits a good situation with a (hopefully healthy) left tackle in Okung and established weapons in Rice and Miller in 2012.

AFC East: New England Patriots (12-4)
AFC North: Pittsburgh Steelers (11-5)
AFC South: Houston Texans (9-7)
AFC West: San Diego Chargers (12-4)
AFC Wild Cards: Miami (9-7) wins a wildcard spot by beating the Jets 9-6 on January 1st to take the tiebreaker. The New York Jets get into the final spot by winning a 3 way tiebreaker over the late surging Colts and the Cleveland Browns, who were able to beat a resting Pittsburgh in week 17.
AFC Championship: New England over San Diego

NFC East: Philadelphia Eagles (11-5)
NFC North: Green Bay Packers (12-4)
NFC South: New Orleans Saints (12-4)
NFC West: Arizona Cardinals (8-8)
NFC Wild Cards: Detroit Lions (10-6), setting up a traditional Lions vs. Cardinals playoff battle, while Dallas (9-7) gets the final wildcard spot in a tiebreaker over the Atlanta Falcons.
NFC Championship: Green Bay over New Orleans

Super Bowl: Green Bay over New England


Tyler Duffy, Married Man (Almost)
MVP: Aaron Rodgers. ESPN the Magazine will wonder what the world would be like if he was black.
The Andrew Luck Trophy: Redskins. Would explain bringing Rexy back.

AFC East: Pats
AFC North: Steelers
AFC South: Texans (is this the year? finally?)
AFC West: Chargers
AFC Wild Cards: Jets, Browns
AFC Championship: Patriots over Steelers

NFC East: Iggles
NFC North: Packers
NFC South: Saints
NFC West: Irrelevant…Cardinals
NFC Wild Cards: Lions, Falcons
NFC Championship: Packers over Eagles

Super Bowl: Patriots over Packers


Tim “Hernia” Ryan, Hair Enthusiast
MVP: Drew Brees, 48 TDs, 8 INTs
The Andrew Luck Trophy: It’s very difficult not to have the Bengals carrying home the title of inadequacy, but that would mean something positive would be happening to the organization, and that simply doesn’t happen. I’m going outside the predictable and will say Tennessee ends up with the worst record. Chris Johnson is destined to get banged up and Jake Locker and an aging Matt Hasselbeck sure as hell aren’t going to get it done.

AFC East: Patriots
AFC North: Ravens
AFC South: Colts
AFC West: Chargers
AFC Wild Cards: Steelers, Jets
AFC Championship: Pats, Ravens

NFC East: Giants
NFC North: Packers
NFC South: Saints
NFC West: Rams
NFC Wild Cards: Eagles, Lions
NFC Championship: Packers, Saints

Super Bowl: Saints over Patriots


Stephen Douglas, Sports Semi-Enthusiast
MVP: Adrian Peterson
The Andrew Luck Trophy: Carolina will be openly trying to win this trophy.

Adrian Peterson has a long way to run to catch Emmitt, Walter and BarryAFC East: Jets (15-1, but it won’t be Sanchez’s fault)
AFC North: Ravens (12-4)
AFC South: Texans (10-6)
AFC West: Chargers (13-3)
AFC Wild Cards: Steelers (12-4) Patriots (11-5)
AFC Championship: Chargers vs. Patriots

NFC East: Cowboys (12-4)
NFC North: Packers (13-3)
NFC South:  Falcons (12-4)
NFC West: Rams (8-8)
NFC Wild Cards: Saints (10-6), Eagles 11-5)
NFC Championship: Saints vs. Packers

Super Bowl: Packers over Chargers

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