Surfer Bobby Martinez Rants About Surfing Association, Gets Kicked Out of Surfing Association

This is Bobby Martinez, an American surfer who, up until recently, was a member of the Association of Surfing Professionals. At least he was until this outburst about the ASP on a live webcast.

Later, after being suspended indefinitely, he had more to say about the ASP. From NineMSN:

“I don’t care, man, I’m over it,” the American told AAP after his professional career was terminated because of the disqualification.

“I don’t want to be around this tour no more. It’s a relief, f*** yeah. I’ll take my jersey and go out there and surf against Kelly anyway. They ain’t stopping me. Because of what I said, they can’t kick me out. Freedom of speech, man.

The ASP don’t even want a guy who works with them to take a photo with me. They said they would sack him. I’ve been hanging with this tour for a while and not really caring for it.

“Now everyone knows how I feel. Freedom of speech, man, aren’t I allowed to say what I think? I can say whatever I want.

I’m still not entirely clear what Martinez is so mad about. Something about tennis.

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