Tiki Barber's Girlfriend Is In Maxim

Tiki Barber's Girlfriend Is In Maxim


Tiki Barber's Girlfriend Is In Maxim

Tiki Barber can’t get a job in the NFL. Guy walked away from his career a few years ago at the top of his powers. The Giants won the Super Bowl the next year and Barber had a short and unimpressive stint with NBC. One thing Tiki did accomplish was trading in his pregnant wife for a 23-year-old NBC intern named Traci Lynn Johnson.

These days, Tiki is begging for a job in the NFL and his girlfriend is posing for Maxim. You can check the photos at Maxim.com, but you can watch the “behind the scenes” video up there. In the video, she gets to talk, which is always fun. Her favorite football player is Tiki and she thinks you’ll get to welcome him back now that the lockout is over. *tugs collar*

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