Roundup: Video of a Fight at a Phish Concert, Aaron Rodgers is Quite Good & Do Umpires Favor White Pitchers?

Jessica Simpson … this post will be heavy with (sad) 9/11 reading … the Obama presidency, by the numbers … have you gotten your .xxx domain yet? … a flash mob hit Dallas … a Dutch woman called her ex-boyfriend 65,000 times – in one year … should you be able to use food stamps on fast food? … here’s a photo of a Moose stuck in a tree … why is NBC developing a show about lesbians? … a colleague gave him a tie on the morning of 9/11, so he left the World Trade Center to change his shirt so it’d match the tie, and then a plane hit the tower … the Louisiana Superdome is full of moldmillionaire’s son wins Mega Millions lottery … here’s the guy who caused the massive power outage last night in the Southwest …

“White Favoritism by Major League Home Plate Umps Lowers Minority Pitcher Performance and Pay.” [Science Daily]

In case you’re wondering what former Nebraska star QB Scott Frost is up to. [Oregonian]

University of San Diego RB is a former Navy Seal. [Times]

I think this UNLV fan needs to get a life. [Sun]

Because I don’t think any of us have another Big 12 conference realignment post in us … history is not on Baylor’s side. [Star Telegram]

No 35-year-old in baseball history has ever had a season better than the one David Ortiz is currently having. [Baseball Reference]

The Miami Hurricanes new QB … is its old QB: Jacory Harris. [Herald]

There will be a Packers-Saints post (or two!) but damn, Aaron Rodgers was on point last night. Scary good. [JS Online]

Public nudity pushes boundaries in San Francisco. [LA Times]

Buzz Bissinger on 9/11 media overkill. [Daily News]

Guy tries to put out a fire with his vacuum cleaner and … well, you could probably guess what happens.

Should I know who Jeff Tweedy is? I had to google him. I’ve heard of Wilco, but couldn’t name one of their songs or identify any.

Howard Stern prank calls. [via Jimmy Traina]

Game day in Oxford Mississippi from scottburtonphotography on Vimeo.

Time lapse video from last weekend in Mississippi, anyone?

Here’s the tail end of a fight in the parking lot at a Phish concert.

Andy Roddick has had a memorable US Open. For mouthing off.

Because you want to see it first!

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