Yes, The Air McFly's Are Here. No, You Can't Afford Them.

Nike has finally released the AIR McFlys. You can call them MAGs all you want, but they’ll always be the AIR McFlys to me. Nike has released 1500 pair of the AIR MAGs McFlys and you can bid on them on eBay until 11:30/8:30 Pacific tonight. While the shoes still look as ridiculous as they originally did back in 2015, it’s for a good cause and all that jazz. Proceeds from the auction go to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for the treatment & cure of Parkinson’s disease. Also, you have bragging rights because who has AIR McFlys? Nikelodeon should recreate pieces of the Agrocrag for charity.

To make it sports related, here’s the spot with Doc Brown, Bill Hader and Kevin Durant.

“Marty McFly’s closet.”

And finally a closer look at the shoes. If you’re a big fan of the nonsense I write, I’m a 13. I’m sure you can still write the sneakers off even if you give them to your favorite blogger.

Because you want to see it first!

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