Chuck Klosterman and Carl From Aqua Teen Make Their NFL Pick of the Week

Chuck Klosterman and Carl From Aqua Teen Make Their NFL Pick of the Week


Chuck Klosterman and Carl From Aqua Teen Make Their NFL Pick of the Week

Here’s Grantland Consulting Editor, Chuck Klosterman hanging out with Carl Brutananadilewski from Aqua Teen Hunger Force (or Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1 if you’re a non-traditionalist). Chuck and Carl both picked the Giants to win tomorrow, though Carl did so for patriotic reasons.

I use this to bring up something I find humorous about Grantland. I mentioned above that Klosterman is a Consulting Editor. He’s one of four Consulting Editors along with Dave Eggers, Malcolm Gladwell and John A. Walsh. Grantland also has eight Editors – Lance Brown, Jay Caspian Kang, David Jacoby, Sarah Larimer, Rafe Bartholomew, Mike Philbrick, Robert Mays and Alisha Ricard. Then there’s Deputy Editor Dan Fierman and Editor In Chief, Bill Simmons.

That’s a boatload of editors, right? I realize most of them are just being given fancy titles to make them sound like they’re more than just “bloggers” but still. And why does Grantland – which looks, reads and is a blog – have two other blogs? Why don’t they make the entire site out of the Grantbox?

I look at the front page of Grantland – which again, is set up like a blog – and I see a Chuck Klosterman piece on Noel Gallagher. It does not appear on “Hollywood Prospectus,” presumably because it has nothing to do with Hollywood. So what is it doing on Grantland asked the person who writes Jersey Shore and Entourage recaps on The Big I’m not sure. I guess it falls under Grantland’s “Sports and Pop Culture” umbrella.

I guess I’m just confused. Should we add an entertainment blog to our blog that is a blog that already writes about entertainment? Why must there be a sub-blog? A “sublog,” if you will. Of course, if I’m asking this question, shouldn’t I ask why there is now a Grantland podcast separate from the B.S. Report? Who determines which Bill Simmons podcast goes where? If he swears twice in an hour does it become a Grantland joint? Who knows.

The point of all this? I like Aqua Teen and I don’t understand the point of a blog within a blog. #braaaahm

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