California Gangs Now Nebraska Cornhusker Fans

California Gangs Now Nebraska Cornhusker Fans


California Gangs Now Nebraska Cornhusker Fans

A Mexican street gang in California, The Norteños, is embracing Nebraska Cornhuskers’ gear. Unfortunately, it’s not because they they have fond memories of Tommy Frazier from their childhood. The Norteños color is red and they share the letter N with Nebraska. Why, I’m willing to wager some of these gang members have never even been to Lincoln! From

“When you ask them about (quarterback) Taylor Martinez or their record, they don’t know anything about that,” Sanchez said. “They have zero knowledge of the team.”

In addition to distributing drugs like meth and cocaine, the Norteños are well known for violence.

Hmm… They’re actually starting to sound more like college football players than fans.

They’ve been involved in assaults, carjackings, home invasions, robberies and homicides, according to the FBI’s National Gang Threat Assessment study.

Should I not be joking about this? Probably not, so if any of the Norteños are reading this, here’s a quick refresher.

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